This is the blog of LogicOfFinance.com.

Our mission and agenda is to shed light into the complexity of financial world, and ultimately enable interested ones to understand and track the logic of finance.

LogicOfFinance.com is being made by those eager to understand the most interesting game in the world to those who want to get it too. The talk of course is about the money game. Today, while being on an unchartered territory, getting “financially enlightened” is more important than ever.

To be clear: LogicOfFinance.com has nothing to do with the conspiracy theories, although the term “money game” may sound so. Instead, we shall do our best to reflect the reality as it is. LogicOfFinance.com shall be simple, yet comprehensive and professional. While beginning from the beginning, it shall always be kept up-to-date.

We are devoted to deliver you superior financial knowledge, brightest thoughts, simple yet powerful analysis tools and methods. This way LogicOfFinance.com helps you:
  • Understand what is going on in the world of finance and how it relates to real economy
  • Do better job and wiser decisions if you happen to work in finance or with finances
  • Save time by focusing on important in surge of financial information
  • Access knowledge which is otherwise available only for insiders

It is important to point out, that we are not keeping in mind one way communication and delivery. We believe that co-creation is much more beneficial to everyone. Therefore we very much appreciate your comments and feedback, and continuously improve our products and services accordingly.

Why we do it? Well, our nobler mission is based on the conviction that complexities, obscurities and information asymmetries in the world of finance combined with the devious part of human nature are those not allowing us to deal with the most fundamental issues of finance and economy. This means crises and crashes again and again. While we can’t change human nature, we still can foster the true understanding of finance. We believe that the true understanding of finance by many is the basis for a better and fairer tomorrow for us all.

Obviously, the site is being created gradually and will never be ready – as the world of finance is changing and changing and not getting ready. If you share our purpose, beliefs and values, you are more than welcome to contribute. Just let us know: author@logicoffinance.com.

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